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Web Hosting

Web hosting is often overlooked but it’s mission critical.

Live Chat Support

Sometimes something goes wrong with your website. When that happens you want to get answers instantly. That’s why live chat support is essential.

User Friendly

Control panels should be easy to take care of the daily stuff. Adding domain names, setting up new websites, editing design and so on should be as easy as possible.

Additional Tools

Running a business needs more than just a website. You will want to send and receive emails from a custom email address. You might also want to place maps on your websites.

Super Fast

Speed has a huge correlations with user good user experience and conversion. Make sure you choose an SSD hosting package on enterprise servers.


Most web hosts offer unlimited resources nowadays anyway. Just make sure you get enough disk space and bandwidth for the daily operation of your website.

Regular Backups

No matter how careful you are things can go wrong. For this reason a well timed backup can save your business. Ideally you should be able to restore your website to a previous state.

How To Choose Web Hosting?

There are a vast array of web hosting companies on the Internet and nearly all of them seem to promise their services are the best. As if it’s not difficult enough to make an informed decision about a product you are incapable of testing, it seems that every web hosting review blog out there has something bad to say about the other guy. If you have done any web hosting research at all then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

So how exactly do you choose where to host your website?

Chances are, if you are just starting out and you do not have too many websites already, you aren’t going to need anything too fancy. At least not right away… Chances are that you’ll do just fine using a shared server and any of the major web hosts are going to at least get you going long enough to figure out which direction you’d like to head.

It’s true that shared servers often house between 3-5 thousand websites per machine, but they are usually heavy duty equipment and in my experience, more than capable of sharing files and serving some simple content.

The trouble with shared servers is that they limit your CPU resources. What this means for you is that you’ll likely run into issues at some point if you are planning on using any software that can be resource intensive. This means if you plan on running a mail server for your newsletters, a community driven website that relies heavily on MySQL, or even just multiple domains, you run the risk of having your services shut down while your web host demands you fix the issue or upgrade your server. This will happen with any shared host. Most of them have automatic monitoring tools that record your resource usage and if you ever use a certain percentage of the machine’s CPU (usually 15-25%) for a specific duration (usually 15-30 seconds) they’ll shut you down.

So what is the next best option?

You could get a VPS. A VPS is basically your own splice of a dedicated server that gives you your own environment (operating system) to run. Usually they start out at around 250MB of RAM and some have what’s referred to as burstable RAM. This is basically extra memory provided for you to use temporarily that is shared between each individual VPS splice on the server. It’s meant to help pad spikes in resource usage that occur for various different reasons.

How about your own machine?

Glad you asked. The step up from a VPS is naturally, a dedicated server. This is a server that you get all to yourself that you essentially rent out from a data center. The quality of dedicated servers vary greatly depending on the plan you choose and what sort of requirements you’ll need from it.

Before getting too frightened with the thought of running your server and giving up, you should know that virtually every single hosting company out there will offer managed plans. This means that if you don’t want to go through the trouble of managing and configuring the server yourself, be it a VPS or a dedicated server, for a monthly fee they’ll go ahead and do it for you. Generally this means that you can ask them to make a specified amount of changes per month which is usually pretty reasonable and in no time at all, they’ll have it tuned to your liking.

Without identifying exactly how you will use your web server, now and in the future, shopping for a web host is going to be frustrating at best and next to impossible at worst. So, identify your goals, realistic expectations, and plan accordingly. You are most qualified to figure out what’s going to work for you.

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